Automobile transport

Automatic system of traffic safety control is a set of programs and software systems which are aimed on providing secured and absolutely safe traffic. At the same time this technology helps to deal with such problems as congested roads. It also helps to improve the ecological situation.

Road crossing and intersection zones:

- designing of crossroads on one level;

- designing of crossroads on different levels;

- declaration and speed lanes;

- bus-stops and parking places;

- dividing lines;

- road crossing with railroad tracks.

Road pavements and subgrade:

- designing of road pavements for new or reconstructed roads and streets;

- development of catalogues and albums with the most efficient solutions for road pavements;

- evaluation of durability and strengthening  of already existing roads and streets;

- the most effective solutions for such problems as limitation and control of traffic on congested parts of roads during the most unfavorable seasons. It also includes measures which will make it possible to limit the traffic on road pavements in order to avoid its damage due to overloads;

- designing of road paving;

- projecting of artificial bases for embankments on soft soils;

- designing of special objects such as logistic centers, airfields, container terminals;

- projecting and arrangement of light embankments;

- calculation of road pavement constructions;

- winter roads and ice crossings;

- evaluation and examination of road carrying abilities;

- examination of designing solutions; development of comprehensive and reference materials;

- designing of ecologically clean parking places.

Under construction...

Industrial, agricultural and construction fields are developing vastly in our country. Such situation sets very important tasks to all types of transport which deal with public and cargo transportations.

Transport is used for different kinds of transportations inside the cities as well as between populated localities.

Roads can be divided into the following categories in accordance with their social meaning, transportation volume and traffic intensity:

Appointment of the road

Road category

Main Federal roads

(They connect capitals of different countries along with cities and regions inside Russian Federation. They also provide international transport connections.)






Other Federal roads

(They connect central cities of different regions inside Russian Federation as well as capital of different republics which belong to Russian Federation)





Republic, regional and autonomous entity roads




Local appointment roads



"Transproektstroy" Ltd offers wide range of services which are aimed on constructing automobile roads:

- development of working documentation:

- preparation of territorial construction;

- reclamation and removal of grounds;

- arrangement of small artificial constructions;

- crossing and contiguity;

- arrangement of road paving;

- arrangement of road pavement;

- landscaping of roads and adjacent territory.

"Transproektstroy" Ltd provides its customers with wide array of services connected with automobile road repairing.

Every road is a complex of different engineering constructions which are used for providing safe, comfortable, secured, non-stop traffic all year round in spite of the load level and intensity of traffic as well as weather conditions and speed limits. This complex includes road paving, road pavements, bridges, pipes and other artificial constructions and buildings for traffic services.

Every road after it was commissioned or reconstructed needs permanent care and maintenance. It also needs systematic repairing. In case you do not provide it with all these necessary means the road will be damaged and eventually ruined. 

It is necessary not only to keep the road conditions on the same kevel while using, repairing it. It is also necessary to develop its current condition. There are different types of damages which can harm road paving together with other artificial constructions and engineering equipment. That is why it is necessary to get the full set of means that will help to eliminate different types of problems at short notice.

Classification of road repairing:

- current maintenance;

- current repairing and recovery of paving;

- major overhaul;

- reconstruction;

- recovery works;

- strengthening;

- road developing.