"Transproektstroy" Ltd offers wide range of services which are connected with designing and construction of different energetic projects which include overhead power lines, transformer substations and distribution points:

- preparation of all technical and economic justification;

- technical tasks to proceed with all necessary survey and design works;

- development of all necessary project documentation for construction, reconstruction and major overhaul as well as providing all necessary equipment in accordance with Russian and foreign standards;

- calculation and preparation of the necessary construction documents;

- supervision of construction and installation works.

"Transproektstroy" Ltd is ready to complete all necessary project agreements in governmental supervision authorities. We also help in getting all technical conditions which are necessary for connecting to the electricity network of a planning object.

 Our company has a staff of experienced specialists who are ready to deal with all types of survey and designing projects. We cooperate with producers of electrical and technical equipment. It makes it possible for us to consider all needs of our customers on the first steps of project development.  

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Operational stages:

- preparation works;

- development of all necessary documentation;

- conducting launching operations together with commissioning of constructed objects;

- education of customer’s staff to work on installed and commissioned equipment.

"Transproektstroy" Ltd provides services in construction energetic objects;

Construction of overhead power lines from 10 to 350 kW in difficult weather and geologic conditions, lay (swamps, planting soils, rocks, rugged terrain, densely populated and industrial areas using concrete pillars, portal supports with cylindrical reinforced concrete columns, and polyhedral lattice steel towers for limited spaces and places which are hard to reach. Mounting works are made with the help of innovative technique.)

Equipment construction and mounting along with adjustment of electric substations of all categories (with a simplified scheme, transit with fractional power). Substations can be located in different climatic zones and regions where geologic processes are developing vastly. It also includes territories with specific ground. Substations can be opened and closed, prefabricated and complete. They can be made of precast concrete constructions as well as bricks, sandwich panels with mounting of the most innovative and modern primary and secondary equipment.

Construction of cabel power lines from 10 to 110 kW. They can be constructed within industrial and urban development where huge set of underground and above-ground communications intersect. In this case horizontal directional drilling is used.

Construction of fiber-optic communication lines with installation of cable from 10 to 110 kW which includes built-in ground wire and self-supporting wire using modern innovative technologic equipment.

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