Railway transport

"Transproektstroy" Ltd deals with all types of geodetic and engineering survey and designing works as well as construction, reconstruction and major overhaul of railways. All works are done taking into consideration all specification of line objects, artificial constructions, industrial and civil objects. We provide our customers with the following set of engineering survey works:

-  topographic mapping and creation of digital terrain models;

- desk and field tracing in prospecting linear structures;

- survey and examination of subgrade railways and roads;

- survey of above-ground and underground networks and utilities;

- design and construction of geodetic networks and geographic informational systems;

- geodesic operation during construction and mounting works.

 We use only innovative and modern equipment in order to proceed with the most efficient and detailed survey works. This equipment makes it possible for us to provide our customers with the best results at the shortest period of time. In other words you get a chance to save your time and money. More over "Transproektstroy" Ltd will help you to choose the best companies which deal with geodesic, geologic and ecologic surveys. We cooperate only with the most reliable and reputable companies which take the leading position in this field. Their experience will result in lower amount of costs and shorter period for completing all necessary works.

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Operational stages:

- examination of company’s railway conditions;

- drafting of the defective instrument and expert opinion;

- completing all necessary construction and installation works;

- object commissioning.

"Transproektstroy" Ltd offers full set of services which are connected with construction, reconstruction and repairing of railways:

- Railroad tracks for public and non-public usage: construction of subgrade, arrangement of above track structure;

- Railway bridges, overpasses, traffic overpasses, footbridges;

- Turnouts, crossings, dead-end stops;

- Small artificial constructions on railways and engineering security constructions;

- Of railroad construction: custodies, passenger platforms, railway scales, heightened railroad tracks, platforms and constructions for loading and unloading cargos;

- Construction and repairing of railways which are used for transporting of dangerous cargos.

Arrangement of automatic and telemechical systems for railways:

- Mounting and installation of different types of equipment;

- Arrangement of transportable modules;

- Laying and installation of the fiber optic link;

- Installation of electric heating devices for turnouts.

Repairing and current maintenance of railways is necessary for providing safe and secured movement of trains. The necessity of repairing railways comes from the fact that different mechanic impacts and loads can damage railroad tracks along with different severe weather conditions. This can result in the fact that railways will eventually not feet necessary security and other standards. It will put the train at risk.

There are several types of repairing works which include:

- major overhaul of railroad tracks. It is necessary for complex renewal of the upper construction of class 1 and 2 tracks (1 and 3 turnouts) with increased carrying ability of ballast section and main platform of subgrade.

- overhaul of railroad tracks. It is necessary for replacement or old rail grid for a more powerful one or less worn put one for 3 and 5 class tracks (4 and 5 class turnouts). This rail grid can be made of new rails and bindings with replacement of ballast layer.

- strengthened medium repairing of railroad tracks. It is necessary for providing necessary sizes and increasing of carrying abilities of ballast section and main platform of subgrade.

- medium repairing works of railroad tracks. It is necessary for clearing of grave ballast section as well as correction of all possible defects of railroad tracks and its bindings.

- preventive straightening of railroad tracks and located turnouts. It is necessary for providing stable elasticity all over the tracks and their base as well as for their stable balance of height and size.

In case you want to make railways repairing as effective as possible, repairing project is necessary. Development of all necessary repairing documentation makes it possible to evaluate all costs and spends as well as amount of necessary resources. At the same time it will help you to work out the best repairing solution in accordance with weather and other conditions.   

We provide all repairing works without stopping your company’s operational activity. After repairing is completed, the railroad tracks will feet al necessary standards and quality requirements.